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Was Google+ Ever the “Facebook Killer”?

Back at the end of June, Google launched Google+ in beta for users only with an invitation. I remember feeling like I absolutely HAD to get an invitation as soon as humanly possible. I love trying out new social networking sites, so I obviously had to get my hands on this one. I’m already Google crazy, why wouldn’t I want to sign up?

Soon enough, I got my wish and signed up for Google+. Since then, I honestly haven’t done much with it. A post here, a post there. A new profile picture. I even got the iPhone app. But I just don’t use it a lot, it at all. It’s just one more network for me to be on.

When Google+ first came out many people touted it as a “Facebook killer“. After the service opened to the public in September, traffic to the site spiked, which I completely expected. This week, traffic to the site fell 60%. Was Google+ ever really a “Facebook killer“? Here’s what I think.

One more social network, one more thing I gotta deal with
In all honesty, Google+ is just another social network and at this point people are getting burned out. We’re already on over-load. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, foursquare, LinkedIn, GetGlue, SCVNGR, Instagram etc, people already have a lot going on. Google+ was something else that we had to deal with, and it was just too much.

Awkward Space
Google+ occupied an awkward space in the world of social networking. At first, this seemed like a main selling point. It was a lot like Facebook in the way you could create a profile, add pictures and communicate with friends. But, it integrated the open-ness of Twitter of being able to follow anyone you want and not being limited to friend request approvals. It seemed like a match made in heaven. Google+ created its own space. However, the place in between Facebook and Twitter was kind of awkward. Personally, I was trying to figure out what I would share on Google+ that was different from Facebook and Twitter. How could I use this new space? Clearly, most people, like me, haven’t been able to figure it out.

Who are you?
I feel like every day I get notified by Google+ telling me that someone added me to one of their Circles. The problem with that is that I have no idea who these people are. It makes me awkward and uncomfortable, especially since most of these people just seem like spam (Does anyone else have this problem?). On Facebook, I only want “friends” to read what I write. On Twitter, I don’t really care who reads it. On Google+ I can’t figure out who my audience is.

Ultimately this brings me to a few questions: are people on social media overload? Is there a limit to the number of social networks we can be on before we get completely burned out?

To be honest, I don’t have the answers to these questions. And as for Google+ time can only tell what will happen to it. Maybe it will make a comeback. Maybe it will be the next Google Wave. What do you think will happen to Google+?

The Saddest/Cutest Little Pug I Ever Did See

I love dogs. And this video of an adorably sad Pug named Chocoholic tugs at the heart strings. Can I have one?


By now most of you have probably seen Gulp, the world’s largest stop-motion animation. But, just for fun, here it is again.

The short film was shot entirely with a Nokia N8, across over 11,000 square feet. Needless to say, it’s really cool.

The great thing about this video, is that you know that it’s shot with a Nokia camera, but it’s not in your face. It was a clever way of Nokia showing off the N8’s capabilities without being an overwhelmingly branded video. Definitely not annoying. In my opinion, snaps for Nokia.

No Words Can Describe How Hilarious This Video Is

Just go with it.

Who is your favorite member of the crew? My personal favorite is X2C. The cleverness of his name knows no bounds.

Stop Sex Trafficking With Social Media

Note: This post was originally written for Emerson Social Media

The Demi & Ashton Foundation (or DNA Foundation) recently launched an online video campaign called “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”. It features celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, and Justin Timberlake.

My personal favorite features the Old Spice guy Isiah Mustafa and Mashable’s Pete Cashmore.

The videos focus on “real men” who know how to run their lives, be independent and are overall awesome. As a result, they don’t buy girls who are trafficked for sex.

The campaign is mainly focused on YouTube, but also has an outlet on Facebook. Through Facebook, you can “Prove You’re a Real Man” or that you “Prefer Real Men”. Personally, I prefer real men.

1.2 million children are trafficked for sex every year, with 150,000 of them in the United States. And, every 10 minutes, a woman or child is trafficked to the US for forced labor. The sex trafficking industry is the third largest criminal industry with over $27 billion a year in profits.

Moore was quoted saying, “The goal of our Real Men campaign is to inform men about the reality of child sex slavery. People need to know that this isn’t a problem that is happening ‘somewhere else.’ Hundreds of thousands of children are currently enslaved in the United States. These girls could be your neighbors, your sisters, or your daughters. We are committed to raising awareness about child sex slavery and ending this horrible crime.”

The DNA Foundation is also selling t-shirts on Threadless to support their cause.

It’s unseen whether or not the celebrity overshadows the message of the ad, but I personally think it’s a great tool and idea to gain awareness for the cause.