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Product Placement Done Correctly

Hope everyone’s 2010 has started off swimmingly! I started it taking antibiotics. I’d say it was fairly successful.

Being a Marketing Communications major I can point out product placements in just about anything (American Airlines and Up In the Air anyone?) So it was refreshing to watch the first season of 30 Rock and actually have a show be transparent about product placement. I’ve been watching this show a lot lately and it’s absolutely genius.

The Bane of My Existence – The BlackBerry Tour

Image by kurtthomashunt via Flickr

The BlackBerry Tour has officially made my life hell. This beautiful phone has made my life so frustrating that I feel the need to share it with anyone willing to listen… So it all starts with my father. Frankly, if you haven’t met him this story doesn’t do him justice, but I will tell it anyway.

It all began when one day my father “lost” his phone, a gorgeous, brand new BlackBerry Tour, at his mother’s house. He called his phone and asked for my grandmother to listen for it. She didn’t hear it (she is also half deaf) so for some reason my father thought it had disappeared down a black hole and would never be found again. He did something very stupid – he didn’t go to his mother’s to look for the phone himself and went out and bought himself another BlackBerry Tour (expensive much?). Of course, later on he found his old phone and now he has two phones. But the story hasn’t even begun to get good yet.

Knowing that I had a BlackBerry myself (a Curve 8330), my father thought it would be a good idea to offer me the phone. Of course I want it. As I always say, I’m on the never ending quest to find the perfect phone and the Tour is beautiful. It turns out I can’t switch over the Tour to my Sprint service for whatever stupid reason, so I would have to cancel my Sprint service and have a family plan with my dad. Sounds easy, right? Not at all.

As my father is telling me how much her spends a month on his cell phone bill, I’mĀ appalled. He’s paying hand over fist for a phone where he “only uses Google” and doesn’t text. Yes, he only uses Google on his phone to “read the news”. Doesn’t e-mail. Doesn’t BBM. Doesn’t even use Google Maps for directions. So what is the point?! He told me that when he went to upgrade his phone he just asked them “for the nicest BlackBerry they had” so he just got the BlackBerry Tour without thinking about what his needs are in a phone.

Another note: my father is basically computer illiterate. He can barely turn his brand new laptop on. (If you haven’t noticed by now, my father buys all of the newest and fanciest tech gadgets he can find and barely uses them). So when I try to explain to him all of the differences between my phone and his, he can’t understand. He doesn’t know how to use his phone’s web browser because he can’t use one on his computer.

And even worse, my father doesn’t even read his bill each month! He just pays it. So as I’m trying to figure out exactly what type of family plan we would need between the two of us, he is unable to tell me how many minutes he is actually using a month. What a waste. Granted he does have his office calls forwarded to his cell phone, but I don’t think that justifies paying for unlimited minutes…

Most of my frustration doesn’t come from the phone companies. However, they haven’t made my life any easier. Verizon won’t let me know how much more a month it would be for me to add onto my father’s plan because I’m not “an account manager” and my father doesn’t understand what is going on so I really am the only one that can talk to them.

So as a fair warning to all of you out there… Make sure when you switch service providers that you don’t have a father like mine.