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Parisian Love, Google Style

This Sunday was the Superbowl. Not only is it a time for football, but it is a time for commercials. Unfortunately, I was unable to watch. However, the next day I made sure to watch all of the commercials via Hulu and YouTube. While I was at work, I noticed that everyone was tweeting about the Google commercial. I had to see it. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint. I love Google (as hopefully everyone knows) and this commercial just summed up why it’s the number one search engine.

This year, Mullen and Radian6 joined together to create the Brand Bowl. It was a huge success with a lot of Twitter traffic (I should know, I paid attention). Google was ranked the number two Top Scorer based on the sheer volume of tweets about the brand and commercial. They had a volume of 12,353 tweets. They didn’t manage to make it in Top Sentiment, but it is clear that the commercial had a huge impact this year.

Why I Love It

I love the commercial for its simplicity. It’s¬†absolutely¬†perfect. Forget about Google Wave, Google Voice, GMail, and the newly launched Google Buzz. Google started off as a search engine and that is what it does best. There is a reason why “google” has officially become a verb referring to online search. Google may not have been the first, but it is definitely the best of all the search engines. When talking about SEO, companies always refer to Google and how to make it on the first three pages of a Google search. This commercial goes back to the company’s roots and is relevant to everyone.

Why Everyone Else Loves It

There is no denying the adorable factor in this commercial. At first, it is unclear where the ad is going. What is this person searching for? It’s amazing how a person can see how the Google user evolves from a student participating in study-abroad to a father. This advertisements shows that through the use of Google anything is possible. The brand can evolve with us and adapt to our ever-changing needs, wants and habits. Yes, we may want to search for great drinking games today, but in a few years, we will need to know how to write our own vows. Google will always be there.

What Google Did Right

The Superbowl is huge for advertisers. If you have any spot during the Superbowl, you are made in the world of advertising. You are known. You wouldn’t normally think of Google as being a top candidate in terms of Superbowl commercials. Mostly, you think of beer and snack foods with some babies hawking online stock trading. We have seen an emergence with search engines like Bing creating advertising just for their search engine qualities. It’s not the most common, but it keeps the brand relevant and important to consumers.

I will always love Google, whether or not they continue this high profile advertising. But I think that people now are more invested in the Google brand due to a commercial that truly captured their hearts.