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Was Google+ Ever the “Facebook Killer”?

Back at the end of June, Google launched Google+ in beta for users only with an invitation. I remember feeling like I absolutely HAD to get an invitation as soon as humanly possible. I love trying out new social networking sites, so I obviously had to get my hands on this one. I’m already Google crazy, why wouldn’t I want to sign up?

Soon enough, I got my wish and signed up for Google+. Since then, I honestly haven’t done much with it. A post here, a post there. A new profile picture. I even got the iPhone app. But I just don’t use it a lot, it at all. It’s just one more network for me to be on.

When Google+ first came out many people touted it as a “Facebook killer“. After the service opened to the public in September, traffic to the site spiked, which I completely expected. This week, traffic to the site fell 60%. Was Google+ ever really a “Facebook killer“? Here’s what I think.

One more social network, one more thing I gotta deal with
In all honesty, Google+ is just another social network and at this point people are getting burned out. We’re already on over-load. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, foursquare, LinkedIn, GetGlue, SCVNGR, Instagram etc, people already have a lot going on. Google+ was something else that we had to deal with, and it was just too much.

Awkward Space
Google+ occupied an awkward space in the world of social networking. At first, this seemed like a main selling point. It was a lot like Facebook in the way you could create a profile, add pictures and communicate with friends. But, it integrated the open-ness of Twitter of being able to follow anyone you want and not being limited to friend request approvals. It seemed like a match made in heaven. Google+ created its own space. However, the place in between Facebook and Twitter was kind of awkward. Personally, I was trying to figure out what I would share on Google+ that was different from Facebook and Twitter. How could I use this new space? Clearly, most people, like me, haven’t been able to figure it out.

Who are you?
I feel like every day I get notified by Google+ telling me that someone added me to one of their Circles. The problem with that is that I have no idea who these people are. It makes me awkward and uncomfortable, especially since most of these people just seem like spam (Does anyone else have this problem?). On Facebook, I only want “friends” to read what I write. On Twitter, I don’t really care who reads it. On Google+ I can’t figure out who my audience is.

Ultimately this brings me to a few questions: are people on social media overload? Is there a limit to the number of social networks we can be on before we get completely burned out?

To be honest, I don’t have the answers to these questions. And as for Google+ time can only tell what will happen to it. Maybe it will make a comeback. Maybe it will be the next Google Wave. What do you think will happen to Google+?

Want to Land a Job at Google, Facebook or Apple?

In these tough economic times, it can be difficult to find a job. However, it’s possible to be hired by companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple, you just need to know what to do. I love this infographic from Mashable. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Mashable

Parisian Love, Google Style

This Sunday was the Superbowl. Not only is it a time for football, but it is a time for commercials. Unfortunately, I was unable to watch. However, the next day I made sure to watch all of the commercials via Hulu and YouTube. While I was at work, I noticed that everyone was tweeting about the Google commercial. I had to see it. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint. I love Google (as hopefully everyone knows) and this commercial just summed up why it’s the number one search engine.

This year, Mullen and Radian6 joined together to create the Brand Bowl. It was a huge success with a lot of Twitter traffic (I should know, I paid attention). Google was ranked the number two Top Scorer based on the sheer volume of tweets about the brand and commercial. They had a volume of 12,353 tweets. They didn’t manage to make it in Top Sentiment, but it is clear that the commercial had a huge impact this year.

Why I Love It

I love the commercial for its simplicity. It’s absolutely perfect. Forget about Google Wave, Google Voice, GMail, and the newly launched Google Buzz. Google started off as a search engine and that is what it does best. There is a reason why “google” has officially become a verb referring to online search. Google may not have been the first, but it is definitely the best of all the search engines. When talking about SEO, companies always refer to Google and how to make it on the first three pages of a Google search. This commercial goes back to the company’s roots and is relevant to everyone.

Why Everyone Else Loves It

There is no denying the adorable factor in this commercial. At first, it is unclear where the ad is going. What is this person searching for? It’s amazing how a person can see how the Google user evolves from a student participating in study-abroad to a father. This advertisements shows that through the use of Google anything is possible. The brand can evolve with us and adapt to our ever-changing needs, wants and habits. Yes, we may want to search for great drinking games today, but in a few years, we will need to know how to write our own vows. Google will always be there.

What Google Did Right

The Superbowl is huge for advertisers. If you have any spot during the Superbowl, you are made in the world of advertising. You are known. You wouldn’t normally think of Google as being a top candidate in terms of Superbowl commercials. Mostly, you think of beer and snack foods with some babies hawking online stock trading. We have seen an emergence with search engines like Bing creating advertising just for their search engine qualities. It’s not the most common, but it keeps the brand relevant and important to consumers.

I will always love Google, whether or not they continue this high profile advertising. But I think that people now are more invested in the Google brand due to a commercial that truly captured their hearts.

Start off 2010 Right with Google Chrome

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions. However, I’m always more than willing to give people some advice. Recently, I’ve been telling my friends all about Google Chrome. It is without a doubt, the best browser I have ever used.

Before using Chrome, I used Mozilla Firefox and before that Internet Explorer. It seems to me that I’ve graduated up every time I’ve made the switch. Frankly, I don’t know what compelled me to switch over to Google Chrome, but being an avid Google lover, I seem to want everything Google. It just seemed natural.

The video above was done by Google Chrome UK and shows off all of the wonderful features of the Google Chrome browser. Personally, I love the fact that it is completely customizable with themes, bookmarks and extensions. Not only that, but your online web browsing is confidential and if one tab crashes, it doesn’t send your entire browser crashing (which was one of my problems with Firefox).

Google Chrome has officially been out for a little over a year and after the release of their own web browser, Google has been working on their own Chrome Operating System. Hopefully, their venture will be successful. I know that I would probably invest in a computer that runs Chrome OS once the technology has been fully developed and matured.

As much as I love Google Chrome, unfortunately it still has its shortcomings. They recently just came out with Chrome of Macs (which I have had all of my Mac friends download) and extensions are still not available to them. The extensions for computers running Windows were introduced the same day as Chrome was for Mac. As a result, some are without their StumbleUpon toolbars for a while. Also, not all websites are compatible with Chrome yet. So sad.

I would say Google Chrome has been wildly successful. Recently, it just passed Safari for third in the web browser market. If you want personal testimonials for recent Google Chrome users, ask my friends Wynn and Kyle. However, it seems to me as though Google Chrome is the web browser that all should be utilizing.

Why I switched to WordPress

So I decided to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress. (Click here to see my old blog) Frankly, making the switch was a little bit difficult. I love Google, but WordPress overall is just a better blogging platform. Here are my reasons why…

  1. More Professional – I don’t know what it is but overall WordPress just seems like a more professional platform. Everything is incredibly well organized with categories AND tags and a much more involved feel.
  2. Amazing Themes – Frankly, the Blogger themes leave something to be desired. Now, I am no web designer, but back in the day, I was able to design my LiveJournal with HTML, but that is about it. The WordPress themes are so gorgeous, and not to mention that is are just tons to chose from. You can always find something that fits your needs. For example, I needed a theme that would include an RSS Feed button, various page tabs and an overall pleasing aesthetic. I think I found that.
  3. The Widgets! – Whenever there is a Blogger VS WordPress post, it seems like Widgets are a make or break thing. I can include my Twitter feed in my sidebar, a tag cloud and just about everything I need to make my blog special. It just makes me feel special.
  4. Internal Analytics – On my last blog I used Google Analytics, and don’t get me wrong, I loved it. They let me know everything that I need to know. It’s a great free service. However, having internal analytics is just overall easier. Having everything in one place helps my life stay more organized (and I’m all about that).
  5. That Ugly Orange Logo – You all know what I’m talking about. The ugly orange Blogger logo. I don’t like seeing that in my browser or next to my name. There is just something so unappealing about it, which probably sounds shallow, but as a marketing major, logo design is a big deal.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with my switch. I’ve enjoyed customizing my blog to be exactly perfect and hopefully it will all pay off.