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Can Social Media Predict the 2012 Elections?

Recently I began as a Buzz Builder at Likeable Media. So, to kick of the semester I wrote a blog post about social media and the 2012 elections. Click on the image below and “Like” it or tweet about it! Comments and feedback are always appreciated!

Want a Job? Make Sure Your Social Profiles Are In Tip-Top Shape

I recently came across a really great infographic from Mashable on how recruiters are using social networking to screen job candidates. Here’s the most important things I think you should know:

Image Credit: Mashable

  • 91% of prospective employers look at social profiles before they choose whether or not to hire you.
  • 69% of those surveyed have not given someone a job based on what they saw online.
  • 68% have given someone a job based on what they saw online.

The bottom line is that employers will look at what you’re doing online before they hire you. You better make sure that what you’re posting reflects positively on who you are as an employee.

Here are some tips to help improve your chances of landing your dream job:

  • Don’t bad-mouth an employer. Ever.
    No matter how much you may hate your job, don’t go blabbing all about it on Facebook, Twitter and your blog. 11% of people surveyed for the infographic said they didn’t hire someone because they were negative towards an employer. If someone in HR of the company you’re applying to sees that, then they’ll think that you’ll do the same to their company. They may also think that you’re a diva or hard to please. Don’t ever say anything bad about your current or past employers online. It kind of makes you look like a whiny baby.
  • Keep the partying private.
    Everyone likes to relax and unwind after a long week. If you’re the type of person who likes to party and drink with friends, don’t put it online (or at least change your privacy settings so only certain people can see them). It reflects poorly on you as an employee. Employers don’t want someone coming into work hungover. They also don’t want someone who puts a priority on drinking and partying, because they may assume that it takes precedence over work to you.
  • Be Honest.
    This may sound lame and common sense, but some people may not be consciously aware of it. By be honest, I mean be yourself. Make sure that who you are in person is reflected by your online personality. If you’re lying about your qualifications, an employer can find out. Also, if you’re extremely outgoing online, and timid and shy in person, an employer is going to be confused as they try to figure out who you actually are.
  • Get Creative.
    Stand out from the crowd. Do something different. 36% of employers surveyed said that they hired someone because their social networking profiles showed creativity. If you show creativity online, then a prospective employer will see you as a creative person and problem solver, which are desirable qualities in an employee.

Of course, none of these are absolutes. And, if you aren’t qualified for the position that you applied for, editing your social profiles won’t save you. Just keep in  mind that social networking is a powerful tool. If you use it properly, you could get a great internship or job.

Startup Funding – Infographic

I’ve worked with startups in the past with everything from creating videos, developing strategies, to actually helping them execute strategies. Overall, I love the idea of working in a startup company when I graduate. So, if you’re like me, then you’ll love this infographic to.

Image via Mashable

Was Google+ Ever the “Facebook Killer”?

Back at the end of June, Google launched Google+ in beta for users only with an invitation. I remember feeling like I absolutely HAD to get an invitation as soon as humanly possible. I love trying out new social networking sites, so I obviously had to get my hands on this one. I’m already Google crazy, why wouldn’t I want to sign up?

Soon enough, I got my wish and signed up for Google+. Since then, I honestly haven’t done much with it. A post here, a post there. A new profile picture. I even got the iPhone app. But I just don’t use it a lot, it at all. It’s just one more network for me to be on.

When Google+ first came out many people touted it as a “Facebook killer“. After the service opened to the public in September, traffic to the site spiked, which I completely expected. This week, traffic to the site fell 60%. Was Google+ ever really a “Facebook killer“? Here’s what I think.

One more social network, one more thing I gotta deal with
In all honesty, Google+ is just another social network and at this point people are getting burned out. We’re already on over-load. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, foursquare, LinkedIn, GetGlue, SCVNGR, Instagram etc, people already have a lot going on. Google+ was something else that we had to deal with, and it was just too much.

Awkward Space
Google+ occupied an awkward space in the world of social networking. At first, this seemed like a main selling point. It was a lot like Facebook in the way you could create a profile, add pictures and communicate with friends. But, it integrated the open-ness of Twitter of being able to follow anyone you want and not being limited to friend request approvals. It seemed like a match made in heaven. Google+ created its own space. However, the place in between Facebook and Twitter was kind of awkward. Personally, I was trying to figure out what I would share on Google+ that was different from Facebook and Twitter. How could I use this new space? Clearly, most people, like me, haven’t been able to figure it out.

Who are you?
I feel like every day I get notified by Google+ telling me that someone added me to one of their Circles. The problem with that is that I have no idea who these people are. It makes me awkward and uncomfortable, especially since most of these people just seem like spam (Does anyone else have this problem?). On Facebook, I only want “friends” to read what I write. On Twitter, I don’t really care who reads it. On Google+ I can’t figure out who my audience is.

Ultimately this brings me to a few questions: are people on social media overload? Is there a limit to the number of social networks we can be on before we get completely burned out?

To be honest, I don’t have the answers to these questions. And as for Google+ time can only tell what will happen to it. Maybe it will make a comeback. Maybe it will be the next Google Wave. What do you think will happen to Google+?

Want to Land a Job at Google, Facebook or Apple?

In these tough economic times, it can be difficult to find a job. However, it’s possible to be hired by companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple, you just need to know what to do. I love this infographic from Mashable. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Mashable

The Ever-Changing Facebook Layout (Part Deux)

Way back in February of 2010, I wrote about a huge Facebook overhaul that changed everyone’s profiles and News Feeds. After f8 yesterday, and a huge overhaul on your News Feed a few days ago, Facebook is once again changing the game. However, this time around, I think the changes are going to be much more profound and have a larger impact on the way you Facebook. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Timeline
    Your Facebook profile is going to be much different than you currently know it to be. A new algorithm is being introduced to your profile in which it sorts out the most “important” events from your profile and highlights them on your page. Not only that, but your Facebook will go back to when you were born. How crazy is that?! You can go in and add photos to your childhood years so your Facebook essentially is the timeline of your entire life. Personally, I think this feature is incredibly cool and it’s going to make changing from Facebook to another social network (ahem, Google+) all the more difficult. Why would you abandon your profile when it chronicles your entire life?Some are even talking about Facebook replacing scrapbooks with the new Timeline feature.
  • The Cover
    A lot of people on my Twitter feed were commenting about how the Facebook redesign looks a lot like a blog, mainly because of the Cover feature. On the top of your profile you’ll have a “Cover” or a photo that you chose to represent who you are. It’s the first thing people see and in my opinion, it’s going to be a huge personal branding opportunity.
  • Stories
    With the new algorithm, I mentioned that Facebook picks what events were most “important” in your life and highlights them on your profile. But fear not, it’s still customizable. There will be Star and Remove options where people can chose what to highlight, and what to remove. That way, your Facebook page becomes uniquely you and exactly what you want others to see.
  • Open Graph
    Open Graph will allow apps to be much more integrated with your Facebook profile. It will allow the apps to automatically update in the background what you’re doing. Facebook has partnered with several different companies (including Netflix, Spotify, and Nike+) to create this seemless integration. Out of everything in the f8 conference, this is what I think will be the least popular feature. We don’t want to share what we’re doing all the time with our friends. To be honest, I don’t really care what my friend Jessica is listening to on Spotify at that very moment, or what Mike is watching on Netflix. I want the option to filter what people see and what they don’t.

Overall, I think the changes are a great move for Facebook. It’s making itself THE social networking tool for your life, and possibly forever. Who wants to switch from Facebook to another platform when Facebook already has your entire life chronicled?

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook profile?

Why Everyone Loves Beast

Beast's Facebook Page

Recently Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, created a Facebook Page for his new puppy, Beast.  It’s just page packed with adorableness and the new pup already has over 45,000 fans. That seems like a lot for just a dog, right? Actually, Mashable recently posted an infograhic with a focus on man’s best friend and social media. Most Facebook pages for dogs have 50 or less friends. Why does everyone care so much about this particular one? I have a few thoughts:

  • It offers insight into the elusive Facebook founder’s life. Even though he created this online social networking empire, his personal life isn’t really that well known. But aren’t we all a little bit curious what goes on behind the computer screen? By looking at Beast’s life, we get a glimpse into Mark’s life.
  • Dogs seriously are man’s best friend. Okay, maybe not everyone is a dog person, but I definitely am. Most people like having an animal companion, and its a common interest. Pets can bring people together
  • Social media is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives. Why wouldn’t we include our pets and other non-human entities?
  • The bottom line, is that the dog is frickin’ adorable. Between the pictures and status updates, you just can’t help but want to cuddle that fluffy ball of fur.

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