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The Saddest/Cutest Little Pug I Ever Did See

I love dogs. And this video of an adorably sad Pug named Chocoholic tugs at the heart strings. Can I have one?

Why Everyone Loves Beast

Beast's Facebook Page

Recently Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, created a Facebook Page for his new puppy, Beast.  It’s just page packed with adorableness and the new pup already has over 45,000 fans. That seems like a lot for just a dog, right? Actually, Mashable recently posted an infograhic with a focus on man’s best friend and social media. Most Facebook pages for dogs have 50 or less friends. Why does everyone care so much about this particular one? I have a few thoughts:

  • It offers insight into the elusive Facebook founder’s life. Even though he created this online social networking empire, his personal life isn’t really that well known. But aren’t we all a little bit curious what goes on behind the computer screen? By looking at Beast’s life, we get a glimpse into Mark’s life.
  • Dogs seriously are man’s best friend. Okay, maybe not everyone is a dog person, but I definitely am. Most people like having an animal companion, and its a common interest. Pets can bring people together
  • Social media is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives. Why wouldn’t we include our pets and other non-human entities?
  • The bottom line, is that the dog is frickin’ adorable. Between the pictures and status updates, you just can’t help but want to cuddle that fluffy ball of fur.

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