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Start off 2010 Right with Google Chrome

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions. However, I’m always more than willing to give people some advice. Recently, I’ve been telling my friends all about Google Chrome. It is without a doubt, the best browser I have ever used.

Before using Chrome, I used Mozilla Firefox and before that Internet Explorer. It seems to me that I’ve graduated up every time I’ve made the switch. Frankly, I don’t know what compelled me to switch over to Google Chrome, but being an avid Google lover, I seem to want everything Google. It just seemed natural.

The video above was done by Google Chrome UK and shows off all of the wonderful features of the Google Chrome browser. Personally, I love the fact that it is completely¬†customizable with themes, bookmarks and extensions. Not only that, but your online web browsing is confidential and if one tab crashes, it doesn’t send your entire browser crashing (which was one of my problems with Firefox).

Google Chrome has officially been out for a little over a year and after the release of their own web browser, Google has been working on their own Chrome Operating System. Hopefully, their venture will be successful. I know that I would probably invest in a computer that runs Chrome OS once the technology has been fully developed and matured.

As much as I love Google Chrome, unfortunately it still has its shortcomings. They recently just came out with Chrome of Macs (which I have had all of my Mac friends download) and extensions are still not available to them. The extensions for computers running Windows were introduced the same day as Chrome was for Mac. As a result, some are without their StumbleUpon toolbars for a while. Also, not all websites are compatible with Chrome yet. So sad.

I would say Google Chrome has been wildly successful. Recently, it just passed Safari for third in the web browser market. If you want personal testimonials for recent Google Chrome users, ask my friends Wynn and Kyle. However, it seems to me as though Google Chrome is the web browser that all should be utilizing.