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Whose up for an Interesting Game of BINGO?

I’m not usually big into board games. They can get boring, especially depending on who you’re playing with. However, I believe I have found the perfect game for all you college students out there looking to do something screwed up for the night.

It’s called Chatroulette Bingo. Sounds fun, right? Basically, you go on Chatroulette and play a game of Bingo with one of the many types of cards there are out there on the Internet (example below). You can even turn it into a drinking game!

So, to all of my bored friends out there, hop of Chatroulette and get wasted!

Chatroulette May Have Crossed the Line…

As I have said before, Geekologie is one of my favorite sites and I came across an incredibly disturbing story that cannot be unseen. Some creepy pedophile fed a baby chick to a snake when two young girls wouldn’t show their boobs.

Seriously? Is this what our society has come to? This is just wrong. Chatroulette is funny sometimes. I mean, after a while you can only see so many creepy old men who want to see your boobs. But these are young girls. Their punishment for staying as innocent as possible in this crazy world? A baby chick had to die.

What are these young girls even doing on Chatroulette anyway? That clearly needs to be investigated another time. After the break, there is a GIF of the interaction in Chatroulette. I will admit, it is completely disturbing and not for faint of heart.

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