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Really, Vitamin Water?

Image via Mashable

The wold of Facebook, in my opinion, is larger than life. And today is the perfect example of that.

Vitamin Water recently let Facebook users create its new flavor. Now, we have Vitamin Water Connect. The flavor is described as “a tasty black cherry-lime flavor made with caffeine and 8 key nutrients.”

Is it just me or could this be somewhat negative? Do we really want to associate Facebook with some “water” that is chock-full of caffeine? The last thing we need is to perpetuate the stereotype that social media users (mainly Gen Y) are caffeine freaks. Maybe it’s just my perceptions, but hey, I’m that’s just the way I see it.

This was the message that went along with the announcement on Vitamin Water’s Facebook page:

“unlike the never-ending debate over whether it’s rock-paper-scissors or paper-rock-scissors, based on your votes and your designs, the latest flavor of vitaminwater has FINALLY been decided… introducing the black cherry-lime flavored vitaminwater named… connect! check out this new package- flavor & ingredients, name & label design- all inspired by you- our fans. it’s got 8 key nutrients plus caffeine. thanks for all your help- especially to the grand prize winner Sarah from Illinois and the four other finalist vitaminwater connect will be available in stores nationwide in march this year- so until then, stay hydrated- and keep your eyes here for news, updates and special offers for connect, including a possible sneak tasting opportunity. and btw… it’s rochambeau!”

Congratulations to Sarah from Illinois. At least she’s getting money out of this deal.