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What I really want for Christmas…

Photo credit: somegeekintn via Flickr

So this year for Christmas I want something that most people probably don’t. I really want to Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader. Most people probably don’t understand why, but I’ll explain to you right now…

First of all, this is where the book industry is going. Media professionals are always talking about where they think newspapers, magazines, book and other various media outlets will be headed in the next few years. This is the future. Magazines can be published electronically. Newspapers can even be saved! You can get all of the content you need at a smaller cost. Perfect.

Not to mention the fact that carrying around a small e-reader is much more simple than having an entire library stacked from wall-to-wall with books. It’s a convenience thing. I love to read but having so many books around is a problem and I don’t really know what to do with them. Who do I sell them to? Amazon? But I always know that in the back of my mind, at some point I will want to pick up that book again.

Some of you may be wondering at this point why I wouldn’t just want a Kindle. Frankly, if you do a side-by-side¬†comparison of the two e-readers, the Nook basically comes out on top. My main problem with the Nook is that it doesn’t read PDFs. However, that is something that could easily change in the future. In fact, today Nook users are supposed to be getting their first upgrade! How exciting.

The demand for the Nook is so high that many people who were promised them by Christmas won’t get them. Of course, that is truly sad and Barnes and Noble should have prepared more for the onslaught of order, but people should be willing to wait for the newest technology. It’s a virtue called patience.

My mom actually ordered herself a Nook for Christmas and by the time she gets it, she’ll be lucky if it’s still January. After testing it out I’ll get a better idea of whether or not this e-reader is worth it, but I’m not too worried. New technology always has always takes a while to develop and this time, I’m ready for it.