The Lonely Island Can Sell Me Anything

Image Credit: Jason in Hollywood

Every year Doritos does their crowd-sourced SuperBowl commercials. They’re always fun and they give fans an opportunity to engage with the brand on a massive scale. Recently, Doritos announced a new addition to their SuperBowl competition this year – The Lonely Island. If you don’t know who The Lonely Island is, than you must be living under a rock. It’s comedy geniuses Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer. They started off doing SNL Digital Shorts that everyone knew and loved (Dick in a Box anyone?) and they turned it into their very own comedy/music group. The three guys write everything, and they often get help of celebrities (like Lady Gaga) to work on songs with them. Note: I am obsessed with The Lonely Island.

The Doritos SuperBowl ad competition is going to work like this: consumers can submit ads just as they would any year. But this year, you’re not only competing against everyone else, but The Lonely Island too. Whichever ad out of the ones aired get #1 on the USA Today’s AdMeter, gets a $1 million prize. If The Lonely Island wins, that money is donated to charity. Even if you don’t win the money, you’ll still get a chance to work on a “Doritos Project” with the trio.Just submit your video to between October 3rd and and November 21st.

The Lonely Island also promoted RÖKK vodka with a funny, quasi-sexy ad.

When they released their latest album, Turtle Neck & Chain (a recent favorite on my iPod) I saw a billboard for the album, complete with RÖKK vodka near my apartment in Allston. I’ve never tried RÖKK before, but I might as well now. The Lonely Island just instantly upped the cool-factor of the Swedish brand vodka.

There is something about The Lonely Island that is incredibly appealing to my demographic. They don’t take themselves seriously at all, and I appreciate that. If I felt as though the group was trying to sell me something seriously, I wouldn’t be into it. But their irreverence and humor is what makes the ads they’re featured in so appealing. Who would’ve thought that using a group that makes fun of advertising, makes products more marketable

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