Don’t Piss Off Your Intern

Note: This post was originally written for the Emerson Social Media bog.

A few days ago, one Marc Jacobs intern got fed up. The CEO of the company, Robert Duffy, let an intern oversee the official Twitter account while let looked for someone to manage their social media full time. Those who sent in clever tweets to the @MarcJacobsIntl handle could get an interview with the CEO.

Eventually the intern had enough. After helping present over 50 people to Duffy to manage the Twitter, he still wasn’t happy. So, the intern let loose on their Twitter feed.

Clearly the intern understood through their actions that they would no longer be able to work in the fashion biz again.

Eventually, the intern was thrown out and someone else took over for the account deleting all of the unfavorable content the intern has posted. All of the tweets took place from an iPhone, making it obvious they trusted their intern with a too much (including important passwords).

This will all make a funny story later and will become another example of why it’s so important to monitor who controls your Twitter, Facebook, blog, YouTube and more. However, I’d like to think of this more from the intern’s perspective.

As many of you may or may not know, interning is a double-edged sword. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to have internships where I’ve been given the opportunity to grow, learn and hone my expertise. But, there are those internships where you’re treated more like a slave and less like a human being. You’re their bitch that brings them coffee, makes copies, sits at a desk and feels ignored.

This is a perfect example of an intern who probably wasn’t being treated fairly. They had to take on the massive responsibility of monitoring a huge brand’s Twitter page alone and trying to organize interviews with every Joe Schmo who wanted an opportunity to get paid doing what this intern was already doing.

If you overwork, ignore or mistreat an intern, don’t expect them to sit around and not do anything about it. We come from a generation who doesn’t take anything lying down. So please, don’t piss off your intern.

  1. This is awesome! I’m proud of that intern!

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