Top 7 Webcomics

Note: This post was originally written for The Next Great Generation.

In my humble opinion, without webcomics, life on the Internet wouldn’t be as fun. They’re a hilarious ray of sunshine that can brighten up anyone’s day.

Thus, I decided to create a list of the best webcomics, for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t already have some of these comics in your Google Reader, then you might as well be your parents’ age (just kidding).

7. Joy of Tech

It’s kind of hard to ignore the fact that the most avid readers of webcomics (and comics in general) are nerds. Joy of Tech is a webcomic that makes hilarious technology-related jokes (not much of a stretch there).

6. Left Handed Toons

Illustrated by two right-handed dudes named Drew and Justin, every weekday they post something new drawn with their left hands. The comics are a bit more universal and touch on things that everyone has thought before, but never told anyone. A personal favorite, 5 Uses for a Trembling Chihuahua addresses what many have thought before: Chihuahuas are annoying and they need to have some sort of purpose, right? Why not turn them into an egg beater?

5. Penny Arcade

Another nerd-focused webcomic, what can I say? The two guys who do the comic, Mike and Jerry, are also responsible for a major geek convention called Pax East. Needless to say, the comic focuses on the Internet, gaming, and more than one Pokemon joke.


Penny Arcade

4. Ctrl+Alt+Del

While I’ve found that most webcomics are created bunch a bunch of guys, this one is create by just one guy, Tim Buckley. He started Ctrl+Alt+Del in 2002 and has managed to become one of the most successful online webcomics. Once again, this is another geek-focused comic strip, but it’s something everyone can laugh at. It started off as just two guys sitting around playing video games, but it’s evolved to guys and their robot friends.

3. xkcd

xkcd is one of the most popular online comics, from the mind of Randall Munroe. This comic is less tech-focused with more of an emphasis on adult humor, bad language and math. The stick figures are reminiscent of characters that anyone could draw, but the jokes and humor aren’t exactly what most people would think of.



2. Cyanide & Happiness

One of my personal favorites when it comes to webcomics. It’s illustrated by four guys, Chase, Matt, Dave and Kris. Each artist has his own distinctive style, characters, and humor. Since each day’s comic is by a different artist, it never gets dull or boring. There’s always something to laugh at. Sometimes, the guys even publish animated shorts to go along with their comic strips. They’ve even published two books, one of which I personally own.

1. The Oatmeal

If you don’t know The Oatmeal, you might as well go crawl back into the hole you live in and stay there. The brainchild of Matthew Inman, there is no doubt that The Oatmeal is the most successful webcomic on the webz. After quitting his job as a web designer, 20-something Inman decided to create his own website and dedicate his time to drawing comics online. His comics are so popular, Digg even created an entire section dedicated to The Oatmeal for every time a new one is posted. Inman has spoken at SxSW about the 7 Principles of Viral Content, and has published a book (which I also own). The best thing about The Oatmeal is that the comics are all about what we’ve all thought, but never said. One of his most popular comics, 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling, takes something very simple, spelling, and turns it into something hilarious we can all enjoy. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone can find something enjoyable about The Oatmeal.


The Oatmeal

Side note: Matthew Inman, if you’re reading this, we should go on a date sometime. Kthnx.

Click the pictures to link to the comic. All embedded comics are property of their creators.

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