LivingSocial Does Social Good

Note: This post was originally written for Emerson Social Media.

Days after the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster LivingSocial launched a deal on their website. For every $5 donation made to the Red Cross, LivingSocial would match it, turning it into a $10 donation. Overall, $2,301,130 was contributed to Red Cross Japan disaster relief. The offer ran last Thursday all through the weekend in all of their US markets.

Originally, LivingSocial only agreed to match $1,000,000. However, after the overwhelming response to the deal, they decided to increase the donation amount.

This isn’t the first time LivingSocial has used its platform for donations, either. In December they ran their Twelve Days of Giving campaign where 1% of every purchase was donated to charity. With that being said, no one has seen such a large-scale use of a group-buying platform for good.

Groupon tried with their Save The Money campaign, but that backfired with their Superbowl ad. Now, no longer exists.

Overall, the entire Japan earthquake has shown how strong social networking can be. It’s difficult to ignore the sheer number of tweets, blog posts, Facebook updates and articles about the disaster. Every way we can help counts and companies that recognize that, like LivingSocial, can garner customer support through their actions.

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