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I Love Harry Potter, but This Goes Too Far

This a video of a 20-something guy who claims to be the biggest Harry Potter fan.
At this rate, I’m willing to believe him.

When JK Rowling signed his arm, he turned it into a tattoo and he can wear Harry Potter clothes for 3 months without ever wearing the same thing.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter. I’m going to see the newest movie at 3:15AM Friday morning, I’ve read every book, and have even owned some Harry Potter clothing. Not to mention the fact that my school has its very own Quidditch league.

But at what point does fandom go too far?
I think thats a question this guy needs to ask himself.


You Need To Try This

Of course I got this activity from Geekologie. Do this, and it will blow your mind.

Step 1: Stare at the center of this spinny thing for at least 30 seconds. No cheating.

Step 2: Quickly look aware and stare at your hand.

Freaky, huh? It actually works if you commit.