Need Some Inspiration? Tips for Blogging

Blogging ReadinessFinding new ideas to blog about on a regular basis can be tough. It’s all about staying aware of new developments in your fields on interest. If you’re blogging for your business, think about what is new in your company that warrants being written about. Here are some tips on how to find blogging ideas, whether personal or for business:

  • Subscribe to RSS Feeds. It’s important to follow relevant blogs that you may be able to get ideas from. If you’re in the technology industry, think about subscribing to TechCrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo and Engadget’s RSS feeds. They can give you the latest news on anything technology related. If there is a certain subject that is being covered by multiple sources, it could be important to talk about and a possible topic.
  • Organize Your RSS Feeds. Google Reader is an amazing tool that every blogger should utilize. You can have all of your RSS feeds in one place. It’s an easy to use interface that is easily organized. You can have all of your public relations blogs in one place, your advertising blogs in another and your technology blogs in another. Also, Google Reader has a great Trends section in which you can see your reading habits and what interests you the most. You can even share blog posts with other Google Reader users.
  • Collaborate, because it’s easier if you have another person working with you. If you don’t have Google Wave yet, then get it. It’s a great tool to share ideas and collaborate with other people. Brainstorming or even writing out an entire blog post with another person is very easy with Google Wave. Right now, the technology is still in its early stages and definitely needs improvement. However, it’s the way of the future.

  • READ THE NEWS. Reading the news is the most important to understanding trends. You don’t need to pay a subscription for a newspaper every day, but at least watch the news or keep up with the news online. The world we live in is shaped by what happens inside and outside our country and local areas. You need to stay connected if you want others to connect with you.

  • Social Networking. Twitter and Facebook are a great way to see trends as they are happening in real time. Twitter has their Trending Topics section where you can see what people are talking about the most in the Twitterverse. On Facebook, read your comments and people’s statuses. A big event could have happened that a lot of people are concerned about.

  • Stay Connected. If you haven’t noticed, the main theme is staying connected. You need to be connected to people, social networks, the news and other blogs. If you can’t notice what is going on beyond your own business or blog, then you won’t be able to come up with any fresh or interesting posts for your audience to enjoy.

Image credit: cambodia4kidsorg via Flickr


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