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Education Through Social Media

Education and the iPad's architecture of controlGetting homework assignments and communicating with a teacher or professor through Facebook? Outlandish or the way of the future? I believe schools can use social media to make positive steps in the classroom.

At Emerson College in Boston, students have the opportunity to take a Social Media Marketing class. Students in the class utilize Facebook and Twitter to communicate about assignments and create campaigns for clients such as Zappos and Flip Cam. Students also maintained their own blogs with writing prompts given by the teacher. Ultimately, most of the work for the class wasn’t done within the classroom.

However, we don’t see using social media as a tool just for marketing classes. It can also be an easy and effective way for teachers to communicate with students. If a student has a quick question about an assignment, why not DM their professor through Twitter? Or if they have a more involved question, why not Facebook chat with their professor or even utilize video chat via Skype?

Social media is all about finding new ways of communicating with audiences. Teachers and students can talk, question and learn through social media. It is a form that is often thought of as a waste of time by academia, but ultimately, it can create a richer learning environment. Maybe a professor wants to give out assignments in a more accessible way to their students, so they can just create a Facebook group with discussions and assignment information.

By creating a small, internal social network within a classroom, students can learn valuable skills in order to communicate more effectively with others.

Image credit: opensourceway via Flickr