My Desire to Become Mayor of Everything

Image Credit: dpstyles™ vick Flickr

Lately this phenomemon called Foursquare has completely taken over my life. Currently, I am the mayor of four places, have six badges, have had 85 check-ins with only a total of fourteen nights out. In my opinion, that is sad. The reason why I have suddenly taken to this trend is because they just came out with the BlackBerry application. It all started off with the iPhone, and then it went to Droid and even Palm devices. But the BlackBerry application took soooo long. I thought it would never happen.
As a result, I now check-in almost everywhere I go. But hey, it’s paid off in a very short period of time. Two weeks and already mayor of four places?! I’m good! However, I do kind of feel bad for my friends. Now whenever we go somewhere, I always need to ignore them for a minute to use my phone. Also, for a while, I would tweet almost everywhere I went. It completely took over my Twitter feed. Needless to say, now I only tweet about foursquare when I become mayor or get a badge.
Recently, Bravo (the TV station), teamed up with foursquare so that users can now check-in at over 500 Bravo-tagged locations. You can even earn Bravo badges. Definitely interesting and if I lived anywhere near a Bravo-tagged location, you could probably find me there.
Small businesses have also taken notice of foursquare. At some places, if you are the “mayor” you can get a discount. Also, businesses are able to see who is checking in nearby and utilize that information. In fact, after going out for sushi, a nearby taco restaurant began to follow me on Twitter. True story.
However, foursquare has also recently come under fire. They introduced the Douchebag badge o people’s distaste. Some people were offended that they received the badge for checking into places that were tagged douchebag. Personally, I think it’s hilarious and people need to stop being so offended.
Love it or hate, foursquare is here to stay. It’s a fun social application that is now available to most users that can access the internet on their phone. There is something entertaining and special about earning badges and becoming a fake mayor just for looking at your phone. My addiction will continue. Hopefully I can become mayor of 10 places at once and unlock the Super Mayor badge!
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